Wai-natur Naturist Park will reopen Friday 25th September 2020

Stay safe, keep well and be kind
Kia kaha
Kay and Brian

About Wai-Natur

Wai-natur Naturist Park is set among 5 acres of beautiful garden, located at 2704 State Highway 63, Wairau Valley, Marlborough. 27kms from Renwick on the main road to St Arnaud. Look for the blue & white rapid sign on the letterbox. We are easy to find, located on the right hand side of SH63 travelling from Renwick.

kay and brian sunniesOwned and operated by Kay Hannam and Brian Williams, Wai-natur provides a safe and secure environment for you and your family to feel truly comfortable and enjoy a holiday without the hassle of clothes. Our expectation is that when the climate is suitable we enjoy Wai-natur just as nature intended - clothes free.

Kay and Brian, who describe themselves as 'global naturists', have travelled extensively in France, but love to hear of your own travels and places to stay. Kay is an Honorary Life Member and past national president of the New Zealand Naturist Federation. Fnd formerly Managing Editor of their quarterly publication gonatural.

Their original concept of a 'naturist homestay' began in 1998, just a little south of Lake Tekapo with Aoraki Naturally, providing bed & breakfast accommodation for visiting naturists. An increasing number of visitors brought their own accommodation creating a demand for tent and caravan sites. Before long power and other facilities were installed or renovated from a number of corrugated iron buildings on the former rabbit board property.

From 2001 the Mackenzie Muster Naturist Festival became a keynote annual event on the naturist calendar with hilarious activities ranging from the Bare Buns Cross-Country Fun Run across The Wolds and Irishman Creek Station; Nude Golf Tournament at the Mackenzie Golf Course and of course Brian's Dog Trials...you had to be there.

wnbr lake tekapoOn two occasions Kay and Brian and several others participated in the World Naked Bike Ride on State Highway 8and along the 'Canal Road' to the Salmon Farm and back. Regrettably, they were unable to purchase the scenic property in Lake Tekapo and re-locating to Marlborough in October 2006 seemed a logical choice.

Their spacious home in Wairau Valley township lends itself beautifully to the naturist lifestyle with all living areas including both guest rooms opening up into an extensive garden. The old orchard has been cleared to allow several powered and non-powered campsites with a homely 'rec room' providing a warm communal atmosphere complete with kitchen and log-burner.

Read more about Kay's life as a naturist in her new memoir Nude with Attitude

What is the meaning behind our name?
'Wai' is the Maori word for water. The Wairau River which flows approximately one kilometre behind our home is one of the last natural braided rivers unspoilt by man. 'Natur' an abbreviation of the words naturist, natural, nature, also reflects our connections with Europe. Wai-natur brings New Zealand and European cultures together in a simple and memorable way.

Why naturism?
It feels good! You know how gross those jeans and bra straps feel on a hot sticky day? Or that wet swimsuit when you come out of the water! No more! Trade it in for the feeling of wind on your back and the sun on your body! Cool!

Are you ready to take off with us?
Have you tried going nude in your private backyard or enjoyed a skinny dip in the family pool? Maybe just thought about it? Then you’re probably ready for the ultimate getaway experience. Wai-natur Naturist Park - Skinny-dippers paradise in Wairau Valley.

"We always swim in the nude, because it's a real pleasure. We sunbathe, walk around or have a siesta stretched out on a sun-lounger completely naked. We eat our breakfast naked on the terrace, in front of our cabin, tent, or caravan. We feel good about being naked because other people do not intrude on our privacy. They leave us completely free to be ourselves whoever we are."