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Kay and Brian

Previous Events

his is what Steve and Shelli had to say about their first Nude Adventure on the BBQ CAT in 2014.

Dear Kay and Brian,
Thank you so much for all you did to make the Nude Adventure weekend such a great success. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from arrival to leaving. Wai Natur is a wonderful place to visit, a superb setting and great facilities.
(31 degrees in the pool! Where else can you get that??). Everyone we met was so friendly and welcoming. The cruise on Saturday was just wonderful. The weather didn't hold us back one bit and we had a great time. The walk was lovely, the swim back to the boat was great fun! Yummy burgers lovingly created and hungrily consumed. The opportunity to swim on the way home was superb too. I must admit the scenery seemed to fly past on the way home (either that, or my "blink" was longer than I will admit to!). The evening meal and entertainment was a superb way to round of a day we will remember for a long time. Not being golfers, we enjoyed a relaxing Sunday morning before strolling down to view the final holes as the golfers came in for lunch. Lunch was light and delicious and just what was needed. Wandering back to Wai Natur after lunch, we were reluctant to start taking the tent down and prepare for home. When we finally did, we stopped to finish our snacks in the kitchen before leaving, and found more friends to sit and natter with, delaying our departure further. It was 5pm before we finally and reluctantly tore ourselves away!
Thank you seems very inadequate to express our appreciation, so let us add "we will be back!" to that!
Yours, Steve and Shelli

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Fun event held February 2012

The highlight of the Nudie Foodies Sounds Adventure weekend was to cruise naked all day Saturday in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds with Marlborough Travel on the MV Odyssea. We certainly did not experience the usual hot temperatures we had come to expect. In fact many of us remained clothed during the whole cruise with just the "hardy boys" making the most of the opportunity. That didn't stop us from enjoying the experience though. Aussie and Hamish were their usual affable selves and of course the delightful discourse from Aussie at a local mussel farm was highly amusing; with many of us salivating at the thought of gorging on those beautiful freshly steamed mussels. And we were not disappointed!

nudie foodiesNavigating to the usual lunch stop at Jacobs Bay, half the passengers went ashore for a picnic and to soak up the beautiful views while being entertained by a very relaxed Murray (guitar) and Dave (ukulele). The rest remained on board to avoid the possibility of visiting wasps. Those who went skinny-dipping probably had the best time as the water wasn't as cold as it appeared with the usual few swimming to the launch and back. A vigorous walk up to the point soon warmed up the others before rejoining the launch a couple of hours later and headed into deeper water where a number of nudies dived off the stern.

nudie foodies boysFollowing our return to Havelock later in the afternoon, and the sheltered grounds of Wai-natur - the Nudie Foody chefs were waiting pool-side to serve a delicious variety of canapes; Gazpacho, Zucchini on Crostini and Spiced Scallops. The welcoming warmth of the log-burner in the rec-room at Wai-natur then provided the backdrop for the sumptuous meal that followed. Antipasto; Rosini with Chicken and Ham or Lamb and Roast Vegetables; followed by Glazed Strawberry Tarts with Whipped Cream. Full - is full - is full!

Nudie Foodie Chef Pete Whalan provided further entertainment auctioning "Girl with Plait" a watercolour donated by one of our neighbours to raise funds for the Wairau Valley School pool heating. Together with the contribution from the Nude Golf International held the next day, we raised a total of $330.00

Memories from previous adventure weekends

nudie foodies swimGreat weather, the scenery going up the Sounds and being with other naturists making new friends. Dale and I just loved walking through the walks at Jacobs Bay and being able to do it 'naturally'. A brilliant day. One we wanted to experience and we weren't disappointed. Kay and Brian, you always make everyone so welcome. Dale and Jenny
It's hard leaving when you know you've had the best. Kent



Read our guests' "memories" from the “Nudie Foodie Sounds Adventure 2009”

nudie foodies aussiesDear Mister Nudie Foodie.
Thank you for your creativity and efforts this weekend. Having read about last year's 'Sounds' adventure I was very excited to be able to book for this year. The best part was my expectations were exceed in relation to the whole day and evening. To enjoy the great outdoors naturally is living life to the full. Thank you. Sandra and Kelvin

Everything about the day was great. One thing that made it work was the flexibility and ‘can-do’ attitude of the boat crew. Peter

nudie foodies julesThe weekend promised all the pleasures of life - sunshine, sea, great company, great natural food and an abundance of laughter and fun! It more than delivered and I will be back! Cruising in the paradise of Pelorous Sounds with 30 like-hearted sun-clad souls was such a joy. At the end of the day I felt truly alive and nourished at every level. Thankyou Brian and Kay for all your energy. Blessings. Jules

Company fantastic, food excellent, venue extraordinary. Keep up the good work. Chris

Neat boat trip and food. Marty

Amanda! What a gem - wonderful helper, lovely girl and even calm in a bee sting crisis! Chuck and Marty having a bath in the dinghy. The boat trip was very pleasant. Lovely sunny weather with a light breeze. Staying at Wai-natur is always good and with good company.

Boat trip was great. Would like to stay overnight on boat next time. Great food - Good friends - Great place. Many thanks. Shona and Noel.

Awesome weekend. Picked us both up and had a ball on the boat with a selubrious dinner to cap it all off. Recipes would be appreciated. Thanks for memories, most excellent. Ron and Kerrin Mazey.

What a super weekend. Friendly bunch of people. Thank you for a great weekend. Last but not least the nudi boat trip!!! Robina.

nudie foodies coupleOur most memorable moment on the nudie foodies cruise was docking in Jacobs Bay at what seemed to be a deserted tropical island. What made it even more magical was spotting the biggest stingray we have ever seen just cruising along naturally! Kimberley and Neil

What a great weekend with great company, great food and an awesome boat trip. The setting at Wai-natur is conducive to enable anyone their own space for privacy or to meet around the pool in a relaxed atmosphere. Kay's ability to make people feel welcome is wonderful. The boat was beautiful and the crew very willing to help us enjoy our day out on the water. The evening meal was superb, especially the seafood pie. Yum Yum. Compliments to the chef.

Recipe for a great weekend. My impressions of the weekend are these: A mix of great people stirred up by Kay, add a pinch of Peter and Lesley and a dob of June, a splash of Brian and that created the recipe for a fantastic weekend of excellent food and great companionship. The wonderful help of Amanda was priceless. What a great girl!

Very nice weekend, with good weather and also very well organised. The food was excellent. Peter and Lesley have done a lot of work. The boat trip was beautiful and very funny. Thank you Kay and Brian for this weekend.

My biggest impression was the feeling of community after arriving here. Most people were strangers, but that fact was soon eroded when Peter and I met them for the first time. There was real genuineness in everybody's friendliness. The boat trip was amazing and the dinner was the perfect finale to a wonderful two days. Peter Banham, Autumn Farm, Takaka.

nudie foodies picnicNudie Foodie Weekend. Feb 20-22 - Impressions: Cruising the Marlborough Sounds with a boatload of naked people, in glorious sunshine, was exhilarating and felt so perfectly natural. Seeing the giant stingray at Jacobs Bay, as though it was there to welcome us. The delightful camaraderie of naturists. Lounging around the pool in the late afternoon with fellow naturists, chatting, sharing our stories over drinks and nibbles, the splash and laughter of folk in the pool. Fleeing to the safety of the boat from the nasty wasps of Jacobs Bay. The unexpectedly good weather. Peter Finlayson, Autumn Farm, Golden Bay.

Had a great time. Met friendly people. Looking forward to coming back again. Anthony De Souza

It was a weekend of much laughter in the company of great new friends. The boat trip was a delight - the seafood flan was brilliant and we loved those little pecan pies. Kay and Brian did a marvellous job of organising a spectacular and fun occasions, with a lovely bunch of people. We'll be back!