Holidays NZnaturally

Exploring New Zealand with Holidays NZnaturally’

After years of wishing about it, we were at the first stages of planning our trip. Timing? – pretty well the whole of December, including Christmas, then back to England between Christmas and the New Year. Flights? - Air New Zealand because their ‘planes have decent legroom.

Well, that only got us so far – the bare bones you might say. Much more potentially confusing was the plethora of different ways of seeing the country. There are motorhome holidays, guided posh hotel packages, do all the tourist highlight trails etc. etc.

For us, what matters is sharing with like minded people and engaging with the countryside. Our method therefore involved hiring a car to experience as much of both the North and South Islands as we could, and as far as possible staying with like minded people in their own homes. Dress code? - Naturist wherever practicable please!

We can honestly say that the purchase of “Holidays NZ Naturally” was the best move we made when faced with the challenge we had set ourselves. In fact, with that booklet, planning our holiday wasn’t a challenge at all. All the information we needed to know was right there in “Holidays NZ Naturally”. Each venue has its own page, with location map, phone/email/internet details, accommodation details, local amenities and attractions. There are handy sketch maps of both Islands showing approximately where each venue is, which was helpful when planning our itinerary. We stayed at seven homestays and everywhere we went we were made to feel so very welcome – making friends among New Zealand’s naturists must be about the easiest way to enjoy yourself in the Southern Hemisphere (or the Northern for that matter). We continue to treasure the friendships, knowledge and insight which so many people shared with us. They opened our eyes to so much of the natural world, the great outdoors and wonderful, off the beaten track places which we would never have known about, let alone experienced, if they had not shared their enthusiasm and knowledge with us.

We are sure that, if we were New Zealanders, then a copy of this publication would also form the backbone of our planning when Naturist Holidays in New Zealand were being contemplated!

Book review by Brenda Webb, UK